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What is Java Script & What are the Top Practical Applications of JavaScript?

What is Java Script & What are the Top Practical Applications of JavaScript?

Before looking at the practical applications of Javascript, we will try to know what Javascript is

What is Javascript?

Javascript is used everywhere on the website. This is one of the most used programming languages on most websites. The best websites use the server-based programming language JavaScript. If you are looking for a high-paying job, then Javascript should be the must-have skill in your website. If you want to learn about JavaScript in depth, enrolling on certification in Full Stack Developer Courses In Bangalore will be beneficial.

Start your career in web development by learning Javascript, why it has become so popular with its practical applications, and also some tips on how to become a professional JavaScript developer.

JavaScript is one of the cross-platform and object-oriented languages used by developers for making an attractive web page. With the help of this, the developers can able to create dynamic web applications by using animations, pop-up menus, clickable buttons and so on. This framework helps a developer add interactive web elements, which engage the users in the web page. Without Javascript, most no of websites are static.

What Makes JavaScript Popular?

The majority of the computing devices which we use in current are running with the help of JavaScript. Some of them are iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows, Linus etc. Below we will look at some of the reasons why JavaScript is being universally adopted by developers for web development. Before becoming a web developer having good knowledge of Javascript is a must. So to sharpen your knowledge in JavaScript, enrolling on certification in Full Stack Developer Course Bangalore will be helpful.

  • This Framework can be used in both the Front End & Back End of a website.
  • This serves everyone starting from beginners to advanced developers.
  • This can run on every device.
  • There is no environment setup needed for this framework.
  • It gets frequently updated with new versions.
  • Open Standards & Community.
  • There are plenty of frameworks and libraries to build complex applications.

Top Practical Applications of JavaScript :

1.Web Development :

One of the scripting languages used to create webpages is this one. The developer may design dynamic, interactive web pages using this language. This will be useful while engaging with older people. Most websites use Javascript for validation purposes. Google, YouTube, and Facebook are some of the top websites that are built using JavaScript.

2.Web Applications : 

Robust online apps are developed and built using Javascript frameworks. One of the applications similar to Google Maps is this one. React Native, React, Angular, and Vue are a few well-known Javascript frameworks that aid in creating online applications.

3.Presentation :

The main motto of Javascript is to create an interactive website. With the help of Javascript, we can add style, themes and slide backgrounds in every CSS color format. Even if you are not fully aware of the programming language, you can quickly build a presentation as a website using Javascript. All you need to do is to enrich your knowledge in Javascript by going for Full Stack Training In Bangalore.

Conclusion :

In this blog, We have detailed about JavaScript and its applications which is clear enough for you to understand and know its scope. Full Stack Development has a wide dependency on JavaScript, and there is a high demand for full stack web developer jobs. To learn more on the Full Stack Course, join FITA Academy.

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