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What are the UNIX Administrator's Roles and Responsibilities

What are the UNIX Administrator’s Roles and Responsibilities?

An administrator must address issues linked to hardware and software in the system to analyze the areas prone to faults and ensure the security of our work while working on Unix systems. When the Unix administrator enters the scene, his job is to manage all the risks, anticipate any forthcoming risks, and take the required steps to eradicate them. In this blog, we’ve provided What are the UNIX Administrator’s Roles and Responsibilities. Join FITA Academy‘s UNIX Shell Scripting Training in Chennai to learn more about UNIX. It offers advanced certification training and 100% job placement assistance.¬†

Roles and Responsibilities

The UNIX administrator is the single person responsible for the configuration and upkeep of the Unix server we are working on. They provide a working environment for us in which our exclusive concentration is on creating new things. These administrators may come from the IT department.

Although their jobs vary according to the organization and its needs, we will highlight some of the common responsibilities that all administrators carry out.

  • Installation of System
  • Supporting and maintenance
  • Scripting and programming for system issues
  • Ensuring the working of peripherals
  • Maintaining user’s identity and passwords
  • Making arrangements in case of hardware failures
  • Creation of a backup and recovery policy
  • Network communication monitoring.

When many users are connected via the internet / WAN, the need to handle those users’ identities and set up the server for them emerges. As a result, it is sometimes responsible for cloud and technology maintenance chores, which include the following responsibilities:

  • Software, like a chef, provides automation support.
  • Maintenance of cloud infrastructure, such as Google or Azure cloud.
  • Cloud network services such as DNS servers and delivery networks are monitored.
  • Maintaining the source control process.
  • Building backups and the complete infrastructure using best practices.


It is responsible for installation, security, and other tasks related to monitoring an organization’s servers. We should not evaluate their extent in the categories specified below.Enroll in the UNIX Shell Scripting Online Training, Which will help you understand more Concepts about UNIX Commands.

  • Cookie-cutting software engineers.
  • Developing any program.
  • Designing of new software.

The scope of a Unix administrator is related to the maintenance of current software intended for the organization so that you can respond to it. They must be able to grasp the workings of the software and the server to solve any technical issues linked to software or hardware. To automate everyday tasks, one must be proficient in scripting languages such as Python, Perl, Shell, etc. As a newcomer, one must focus on learning diverse IT skills in many sectors, including leading IT technologies such as Cloud, IoT, etc. To become a professional with 3-4 years of experience, one must have good hands-on knowledge of various technologies.

Tools Used

To help system administrators in obtaining employment. Various tools are available these days to assist UNIX administrators in performing their duties with better efficiency and flexibility.

  1. Putty
  2. Wireshark and Microsoft Message Analyzer
  3. Clonezilla
  4. Script Analyzer Add-ons and PowerShell ISE with its Script Browser 
  5. RSAT Tools for Windows 10
  6. Tools from the Sysinternals Suite

Want to become a Unix Administrator?

Becoming a Unix administrator is problematic because one must handle various tasks ranging from server security to user account management. As a result, becoming a Unix administrator necessitates a wide range of abilities.


One must be skilled in diagnosing and resolving technical issues in the shortest possible time.


People must be able to think technically while dealing with any problem and work as effectively as feasible.

An Organized Mind

One must be organized to control the measures to fix the problem so that no rework is required. The organization must also handle the obligations of the organization’s essential files.


In this blog, we have discussed What are the UNIX Administrator’s Roles and Responsibilities. To learn more about concepts and become an expert, join the UNIX Certification in Chennai, which provides the best Certification Training with Placement Support.