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Application Areas of Artificial Intelligence

Top 5 Application Areas Of Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence is an area of computer science that has infiltrated every field today. The aim is to enable machines to think intelligently in the same way that humans do. Machines have only done what they’ve been told so far, but with AI, they’ll be able to make decisions like humans. Understand the technical concept of AI through Artificial Intelligence Course in Chennai at FITA Academy with intensive training under the guidance of experienced mentors.

Here’s a List Of  The Top 5 Application Areas Of Artificial Intelligence

1. Online Retails

With the advent of online retailers, people have begun to make buying online a habit that is just about to culminate. Artificial intelligence is also used on such websites in some ways, such as the customer’s suggestion of what to buy based on previous orders, purchases, or things in the search engine cache. Another option is to provide chatbots to find instructions or to resolve queries.

According to reports, Artificial intelligence in industry will make shopping more personal for consumers while also making things easier for companies. In the future decades, artificial intelligence will play a big role in retail. It will be fascinating to see where online retail stores go in the future.

2. Banking & Finance 

Due to the increase in financial data, many financial services have resorted to artificial intelligence. Robots analyze market data much faster to predict inventory changes and manage finances relative to human counterparts. You can even use algorithms to make suggestions to customers with simple problems. 

Similarly, banks use AI to keep an eye on the customer base, to meet their needs, to advise them on different systems, and whatnot. If a suspicious transaction comes from the user’s account, it will immediately receive an email to confirm that it is not an outsider performing that particular transaction. 

3. Healthcare 

Artificial intelligence in healthcare also performs a variety of crucial tasks for the sector. It is used by doctors to assist with diagnosis and treatment. This eliminates the need for several technologies and systems, lowering expenses. Johnson & Johnson’s Sedasys System has been approved by the FDA for automatic anesthesia of standard procedure patients. Apart from that, IBM has introduced Watson, an artificially intelligent application. It is designed to suggest different types of treatments based on patient history and has proven to be very effective. 

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4. Manufacturing is one of the first industries artificial intelligence in industry has used from the beginning. applications of artificial intelligence in robotics, robot components are deployed to assemble various parts and then bundle them without the need for human intervention. Robotic components are present in almost every entity, from raw materials to finished goods. However, artificial intelligence will undergo further modifications to manufacture and assemble more complex goods using machineries such as automobiles and electronic goods. Applications of artificial intelligence in robotics are tremendously increasing.

5. Smartphones 

The most popular application areas of artificial intelligence are in the form of Virtual Personal Assistants on smartphones. On iOS, Android, and Windows mobile, digital gurus like Cortana, and Google are the most popular. These can respond to any question, such as “Which picture would be published on Friday?” Alternatively, “Who is Stephen Hawking?” These applications collect information to the internet what the user is requesting and then retrieve the required data to suit the user’s preferences. These assistants are very involved in the learning process, and much information is tracked to ensure efficiency. 


Artificial Intelligence has grown in all technologically relevant areas, but it is also spreading in those areas where nobody has imagined them. If you are planning to get training in AI, Artificial Intelligence Online Course would be the right platform to acquire knowledge.

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