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TOEFL Listening Tips and Tricks

TOEFL Listening Tips and Tricks

TOEFL Listening requires specific types of tasks. While they may appear strange at first, they actually provide an excellent introduction to campus life in the US! It does take some practice to master them for the TOEFL iBT.

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TOEFL Listening Tips and Tricks:

The TOEFL is a standardized exam that presents similar material to each test-taker in the same way to provide a valid assessment. Here, we will discuss the TOEFL listening and TOEFL writing tips.

Know the Tasks:

Understand the various types of Listening passages on the TOEFL. You will hear discussions about opinions, problem-solving, and student life. There will also be academic lectures, some of which will include student participation and others that will not. 

Know the Questions:

Understand how to respond to the various types of TOEFL Listening questions. Comprehend the different requirements and strategies for detail, attitude, function, organization, main ideas, inference, categorizing, etc.

Understand How to Approach Conversations:

You will hear two types of speech on the TOEFL: lectures and conversations. The classes are formal and well-organized. Lectures follow a similar structure to traditional academic writing.

Conversations can be more complex. Many characteristics in conversational English make it difficult to follow conversations at times. Join TOEFL Classes in Chennai at FITA Academy to get immense training with the help of industry experts.

Verbal Pauses:

The conversation has verbal pauses. Speakers use these pauses to acquire time as they prepare their remarks. Many verbal pauses are non-words that have no real meaning. Other verbal pauses are actual words and phrases that have had most of their meaning stripped away. 


Avoiding repetitive wording is one of the first things you are taught about writing in English. You want to avoid using the exact words and phrases in your writing. Transitions, adjectives, conjunctions, and other language pieces must all vary.


People interrupt each other in English conversations. Another speaker can cut off in the middle of a sentence. Interruptions are impolite. However, a few interruptions are normal and unavoidable in conversation.

Talking Over:

This is connected to interruption. Sometimes speakers “talk over” each other, which means they speak simultaneously but say different things. A conversation with many “talking over” is nearly impossible to follow.


Now you would have understood the TOEFL Listening Tips and Tricks. So, to have a profound understanding of TOEFL, you can join TOEFL Training in Chennai and equip yourself with its reading and writing tips.