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The difference between Skill Based Learning And Knowledge Based Learning

The difference between Skill Based Learning And Knowledge Based Learning

The difference between the knowledge-based learning and skill-based learning is that the memory and the understanding of all the concepts of the subject. If the subject has too many facts that have to be remembered then knowledge-based learning can be used. If the subject is conceptual and needs to be understood after experimenting certain things then skill based learning is used. The learning pace of the students differs widely. Fast learners love knowledge-based learning and slow learners love skill based learning as it is easy to remember things if is practically experimented.

Knowledge-based learning

Knowledge-based learning is based on the memory and this method is used to enhance the knowledge which consists of a different set of methodologies. The first method of this learning is providing the instructions regarding the subject, second, the feedback is provided to the learner periodically, the stress and previous knowledge aid the learner when evaluating the test to the learner. This method is the traditional method and it is believed that it improves the memory and attention.

Skill-based learning

Skill-based learning revolves around the teamwork and experiments. Skill-based learning promotes the life skills which enhances the interest with the subject. Skill-based learning promotes the interest and learning habit to the learners.

Ideas to handle different types of subjects

Each subject needs different methodologies to be applied. Let me discuss in detail about the main subjects who can be handled with proper planning and effective methodology.


Mathematics is difficult and it is the base for many other science and engineering subjects. There are different ways to solve the same problem and it is important to teach creativity to the students. Games are the best ways to teach the facts or formulas to the learner. Assignments and computer-based mathematics programs are the best ways to teach different methods in mathematics. This requires knowledge-based and skill-based learning.


Sports based learning are best ways to make physics as an interesting subject, Visual clues are best ways to improve the auditory memory and diagrams in biology, mind maps or maps are the best ways to remember the different thought process in chemistry or science. This subject also requires knowledge-based and skill-based learning.


Facilitating the details of a celebrity and asking the students to learn about the biography of a celebrity is the best way to introduce new words and grammar to the students. This creates the habit to read and write in students. Role play is another good method to improve the communication skills among the students. This subject also needs knowledge-based and skill-based learning.

Learning is a onetime process which goes for a lifetime. Select the best method for teaching and learning to remember the valid points from the subject. The interactive elements develop the individuals as a knowledgeable person and open multiple opportunities. Learning a skill changes the chemistry of the brain and initiates regular learning practices.