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Myths and Benefits of Cloud Technology

Myths and Benefits of Cloud Technology

Cloud is evolving around the software industry for the past twelve years. Still, there are so many myths and questions raised against the cloud technology. There are three types of cloud and they are the private cloud, public cloud, and the hybrid cloud. Private clouds are safe and expensive. Public clouds also offer all the facilities to the client but the host infrastructure and data visibility are not possible with the public cloud infrastructure. Let us deep dive into the topic the Myths and the Benefits of Cloud Technology.

Some of the wrong opinions about cloud technology

  1. Cloud Technology is suitable for all types of companies. Irrespective of the size of the organization cloud is suitable for all types of organizations.
  2. It is believed that security is less in public clouds as it is managed by the vendor. There are multiple ways to manage the cloud software with security. The skilled resources know how to use cloud technology with security.
  3. All types of applications run on cloud technology and if the application is designed for the old servers then it is not possible to host the application in the cloud environment.
  4. It is the common belief that cloud is cheaper when compared to the maintenance cost from the server. The reality is that cloud is cheaper for variable demands and workloads. The cost depends upon the data and workloads.
  5. It is believed that cloud technology consumes huge energy and it is harmful to the environment. The reality is that the usage of the cloud saves the energy and cuts the pollution in a healthy environment.
  6. Before cloud came into existence the network engineers were maintaining the servers and it is believed that the cloud technology will minimize the workforce. The reality is that cloud technology is creating the admin jobs with high salary to the network engineers.

Benefits of Cloud Technology

Apart from the cost and time, there are so many other benefits from the cloud platform. Let me discuss these benefits in detail.


The corporate data are accessed through the computers as well as through mobile phones with the help of the cloud technology


The corporate data and the access to the data to all the employees of the company provide the insight into the data analysis. The insights into the data help the organization to set up the organizational goals to achieve the desired result.


The concept of the virtual office is helpful to get the data any time. IT improves the flexibility in the workplaces.


Increases the efficiency in the workflow and enhances the opportunity in the organization. Thus Cloud technology improves the efficiency of the organization.


It is predicted that the cloud market demand will go high. One report says that nine out of ten companies will use the cloud for the full application or else the part of an application in the year 2019.




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