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Challenges In The Designing Career

Designing As Career

There are numerous careers in designing to leap forward and create multiple designs in the field in which you want to enter and excel. If you can generate creative ideas and show creativity towards the things around you then designing is the right job for you. Designers need to know the market trends and do market research to thrive into the different fields of designing. We want to provide you with the best careers for designing to the candidates with designing passion. Graphic designer, game designer, interior designer, web designer, and fashion designer are the wide range of jobs available for the designing profession.

Graphic Designer

Graphic designers convert the communication into visuals and make the visual media as an effective channel to the business. Graphic designing is used in the print, electronic and film media. There are so many ways to make an image as the interesting one such as the color, layout, background, photography, animation, illustration, and type. The job of the graphic designer is widespread in industries like magazines, newspapers, journals, corporate reports, publications, and advertisements.


The oversaturation of the number of designers is the barrier to the graphic designing profession. The interest in the design and dynamic nature of the job made the graphic designing a most like job. So, the graphic designers are increasing in numbers which created high competition and fewer opportunities in the field of graphic designing.

In this highly competitive digital world keeping updating with the latest trends in the market is important. To manage the fierce competition in the abreast of the digital world updating is the biggest challenge for the graphic designers.

Game designer

The game designer creates designs on multiple platforms like a console, PC and mobile games. The skills required for a game designer are drawing skills, interpersonal skills, written communication skills, teamwork, analytical skills, leadership skills, time management skills, knowledge about history, knowledge about business and knowledge about video games.


The game designer career is the job of full engagement. Till the project is over the designers spend all the time for designing the game with high-level expectation. Growing the knowledge base is important for a game developer as the job is to communicate to the audience with the visuals which interests the big crowd.

Interior design

The job of the interior designer is to understand the taste of the client and make the place lively. The knowledge of fabrics, knowledge of styles, balancing skills, space planning skills, and computer skills are some of the skills required for the interior designer.


Matching the client expectations, working with fast turnarounds, creating trends, managing costs, and handling the self-promotion are some of the challenges which interior decorators face.

Web designer

The job of the web designers is to develop and design the website which is the main identity of the business. Skills needed for a web designer are visual design, knowledge of user experience, SEO knowledge, SMM knowledge, knowledge of HTML and knowledge of CSS.


The challenges faced by web designers are the website accessibility, computability, usability, and readability. Accessibility is to make the information, functionality, and features accessible to the users. Compatibility is to make the website compatible for the Google webmaster. Navigability is the users from different locations should get the information’s on the website or the functions in the website with clarity. The readability depends upon the factors such as typeface, layout or design, and colors.

Fashion Designer

The fashion designers create trends in clothing, accessories, and footwear. The artistic ability, communication skills, computer skills, creativity, decision-making skills, and designing skills are some of the skills of fashion designers.


Lack of innovation, lack of business acumen, lack of support from manufacturers, poor marketing skills, competition on price, and design copy-cats of the same industry are some of the challenges in the field of the fashion designer.

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